Bank Change Information

Important Bank Change Information!

Please read this important information regarding the bank change form (as of August 1, 2014).

For Public Agencies

Public School Districts and 2r Charter schools who are currently receiving ACH payment from DPI and need to make a change request must fill out Bank Change form PI-1146, available online only at Aids Banking Process). See below for directions.

All Other Agencies

Private entities and those not listed as Public Agencies above should complete the online Aids Banking Process. This process can only be completed online; DPI will NOT accept mailed in forms (W9 or PI-1145). See below for directions.

Form PI-1145

Online Aids Banking System users, please note form PI-1145 is not available on the DPI website. It's only available through the online Aids Banking System application. After the Originator has entered and saved the banking information, the Verifier will have to log-in and verify that the banking information is correct. If correct, click on the PRINT link below (left side) and the PI-1145 form will appear. Please complete and upload the PI-1145 form through the online application.

Directions to Online Aids Banking Process (for all agencies)