Per-Pupil Aid

*NEW 2013-14 Per Pupil Aid Eligibility - all districts (March 7, 2014)

2013-14 Revenue Limit membership used in the computation of 2013-14 Per Pupil Aid (March 2014 Revenue Limit Pre-Populated Worksheet)NOTE: This is NOT the FINAL 2013-14 Revenue Limit Worksheet

If a district's 2013-14 Revenue Limit membership changed after the calculation of the 2013-14 Per Pupil Aid amounts (i.e., due to membership audit findings), the difference in Per Pupil Aid eligibility resulting from the membership change will be applied as an adjustment to the district's 2014-15 Per Pupil Aid payment.

For information on the 2012-13 Per Pupil Adjustment Aid Eligibility, see the 2012-13 Final Revenue Limit Computation

Per-Pupil Aid was established in 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 to provide school districts with an additional amount of state aid outside the revenue limit:

115.437 Per pupil aid.

(1) In this section, "number of pupils enrolled" has the meaning given in s. 121.90 (1) (intro.) and includes 40 percent of the summer enrollment.

(2) Annually on the 4th Monday of March, the department shall pay to each school district an amount equal to the average of the number of pupils enrolled in the school district in the current and 2 preceding school years multiplied by $75 in the 2013-14 school year and by $150 in each school year thereafter. The department shall make the payments from the appropriation under s. 20.255 (2) (aq).

Together, parts 1 and 2 specify the same value as the three-year rolling average membership used in determining the revenue limit. On DPI's revenue limit worksheet, this is the value calculated on Line 6.

Eligibility: School districts automatically receive this aid; they do not have to submit a claim. There are no eligibility criteria for this aid program (this differs from the $50 per-pupil adjustment aid in 2012-13, which was linked to a district's levy).

Funding: Per-pupil aid is a sum-sufficient statewide appropriation in the biennial budget. The amount paid to each district is determined by a straightforward calculation and there is no proration of aid. As enacted, this program will provide $75 per pupil in 2013-14 and $150 per pupil beginning in 2014-15. The pupil count used for the Per Pupil Aid calcuation is the Line 6 Current Year Membership from districts' Revenue Limit worksheet, as of March of the year in which the aid is calculated.

Payment Details: Per-pupil aid is paid on the fourth Monday of March. Revenues are coded to Fund 10, Source 619.

Estimating Per-Pupil Aid for 2014-15

Note that for the 2014-15 school year, districts will receive $150 per Revenue Limit member under the Per Pupil Aid program.

A district can estimate the amount of per-pupil aid it expects to receive on March 23, 2015 using the revenue limit worksheet:

1.     Download the 2014-15 Pre-Populated Revenue Limit Worksheet (Excel workbook) here.

2.     Open the workbook and select your district.

3.     On the left side under "September & Summer FTE Membership Averages," in the "Line 6" section, enter your estimated summer and September FTE for 2014.

4.     Take the number on the right side calculated for Line 6 and multiply it by $150.

Final aid determinations may differ from the membership used to finalize revenue limits and levies this fall due to late changes in pupil count data. More detail on the determination of per-pupil aid will be posted when available.

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