Per-Pupil Aid


Statute Reference

Chapter 115.437 Per-Pupil Aid.


Established in 2011 Wisconsin Act 32 as Per-Pupil Adjustment Aid from a sum-sufficient appropriation under s.20.255 (2) (aq). Renamed to Per-Pupil Aid in 2013 Wisconsin Act 20.


School districts automatically receive this aid; no claim is necessary. There are no eligibility criteria for this aid program. No proration of aid.

Aid Computation

2015 Wisconsin Act 55, the 2015-17 Biennial Budget, provides for 2015-16 Per-Pupil Aid in the amount of $150 multiplied by Line 6 Current Year Membership from the district's 2015-16 Revenue Limit worksheet. In 2016-17, Per-Pupil Aid will be computed as $250 multiplied by the Line 6 Current Year Membership from the district's 2016-17 Revenue limit worksheet.

Payment Details

In 2015-16, Per-Pupil Aid will be paid on the second Monday in July, 2016 and is to be booked as a receivable for 2015-16. In 2016-17, vouchering will return to the fourth Monday in March and will be considered current-year revenue.

WUFAR Coding

Per-Pupil Aid is coded to Fund 10, Source 619.

Program History

Originally enacted for 2012-13, Per-Pupil Aid was computed as $50 multiplied by the district's Current 3-Year Average from the district's Revenue Limit worksheet. To the extent the district underlevied, up to an amount equivalent of $50 per-pupil, Per-Pupil Aid was prorated.

In 2013-14, the aid program provided $75 per-pupil, and in 2014-15, the program provided $150 per-pupil. Beginning in 2013-14, aid was no longer linked to a district's levy.

Per-Pupil Aid for 2014-15

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