Budget Hearing and Adoption

Budget Hearing and Adoption Workbook

The Budget Hearing and Adoption Workbook contains a series of Excel spreadsheets that may be used to format your District's Budget Adoption and the required budget publishing. Budget hearing and adoption requirement and timeline resources are also available.

60 and 70 Fund Series

The 60 (Agency) and 70 (Trust Funds) series funds are "fiduciary" funds. Presentation of these funds has been removed from the adoption and notice formats to agree with GASB 34 requirements. This change also brings the school district adoption format more into conformity with statute 65.90 requirements used for other Wisconsin governments which specify that information be presented for governmental and proprietary funds, but does not require it for fiduciary funds. Note that this change pertains only to "65.90" requirements. Information about the 60 and 70 fund series will continue to be provided to the DPI on the Budget and Annual reports.

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Additional Resources

Provisions under 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 (2013-15 State Budget) affecting Levy Authority and District Reporting Requirements for the Community Services Fund

Pre-Populated Budget Hearing and Adoption Workbook for 2015-16

The following Budget Hearing and Adoption Workbook has been pre-populated with the 2013-14 Audited Annual Report data on file at DPI as of April 9, 2015. Data is considered final.

Use the pulldown menu on the “Budget Adoption Format” tab to pre-populate both the “Budget Adoption Format” and “Initial Data” tabs with 2013-14 data for your selected district. Then, enter 2014-15 Unaudited and 2015-16 Budgeted data into BOTH the "Budget Adoption Format" and “Initial Data” tabs. The "Budget Publication Format" spreadsheet will be populated with the data entered into these 2 spreadsheets. Please review your final copies of the worksheets to ensure they are complete and reasonable.

Contact a school finance consultant should you have any questions.

Spending Authority Between July 1st and Final Adoption of a Budget

Per State Statute 120.13(33) during the period between July 1 and the final adoption of a budget by the school board after the budget hearing under s.65.90, spend money as needed to meet the immediate expenses of operating and maintaining the public instruction in the school district.

Multi-year data files available at Longitudinal Data.

For questions about this information, contact dpifin@dpi.wi.gov (608) 267-9114