Community Service Fund Information

Provisions under 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 (2013-15 State Budget) affecting Levy Authority and District Reporting Requirements for the Community Services Fund

2013 Act 46 amends the 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 limitations on community programs and service:

Act 46 will allow a school board to use its 2011 community programs and services levy as its limit if both of the following applies:  (1) the 2011 community programs and services levy is more than the 2012 community programs and services levy; and (2) either the 2011 or 2012 community programs and services levy was less than $1,000,000

*NEW* School Financial Services Fund 80 Survey (link to reporting tool for school districts)

2013-2014 Community Programs and Services (Fund 80) - Combined Report - this report contains information from districts that have submitted their complete Fund 80 report to DPI by the morning of January 14, 2014.  The report will be updated weekly to capture information submitted by districts via the SFS Fund 80 Survey.

Community Services Fund Information

Community Services Fund Power Point Presentation


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