Debt Reporting Information

Sec. 120.115, Wis. Stats., states that within 10 days of any change to a district's debt service repayment schedule, a new debt service schedule must be submitted to DPI.

School districts must report long term debt amortization schedules via the School Finance Team reporting portal. Districts must enter expected future principal and interest payments for each individual long term debt issue. To obtain instructions for entering district debt information click on the "Instructions For Entering Long Term Debt Into SAFR" link below. To proceed to the portal to begin entering long term debt amortization schedules click the School Finance Reporting Portal. The link to the reporting portal is located on the School Financial Service's home page.

Instructions For Entering Long Term Debt Into SAFR

Teach Loan Information

$1,000,000 Authority Limit

District Long-Term Debt Calculation (% of Legal Limit)

Economic Recovery and Reinvestment

Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB)
Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCB)

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