Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiencies

Resolution Overview

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A school board may adopt a resolution to increase the revenue limit otherwise applicable to a school district under s. 121.91 (2m), Stats., in any school year by an amount spent by the school district in that school year on a project to implement energy efficiency measures or to purchase energy efficiency products. District may use this non-recurring exemption to the revenue limit to pay for an energy efficiency project in a single year or to repay a note, bond, or loan used to finance the project.

Performance Contract

Before passing a resolution the Board must enter into a performance contract under §66.0133. A properly executed performance contract will provide the Board with the information required for the resolution. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) provides a sample resolution and a table for districts to use to collect the required information to list each energy efficiency measure/product with related cost recovery performance indicators, estimated cost, and estimated savings and payback period.

Submit a copy of the resolution to the department within two weeks of passage. This is done in the SAFR Reporting Portal by choosing Referenda and adding a "New Referendum/Resolution."

DPI School Finance Reporting Portal

Notification to DPI of adopted board resolutions information and utility savings is completed via the internet through the DPI School Finance Reporting Portal. The district's ID and password is required and the security access required is only for authorized users of the PI-1505 Annual Report.

NEW for 2015-2016 - Revenue Limit Worksheet

When the exemption is used for debt payments, related utility savings must be used to retire the bond, note, or state trust fund loan. The Department of Public Instruction will accomplish this by annually reducing the exemption for energy efficiency expenditures by the reported utility savings.

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