SFS Learning Center

The School Financial Services (SFS) Learning Center was developed to provide a centralized location for viewers to learn about Wisconsin Public School Finance. The main School Financial Services website houses an almost-overwhelming amount of information. This webpage has organized some of that core information into easy-to-find topic areas below. Be advised that not all of the information from the main site is captured here. We have chosen to work with the most sought-after items and will add topics as they are developed.

The Center is organized into 2 main sections - "Education" and "Quick Links."

The "Education" section is geared toward providing school finance instruction. In this section, users will find information and teaching tools developed by SFS staff to explain school finance concepts. This section has the following main l.

  • The "SFS Webcast Presentations"  link extends fundamental school finance knowledge through Camtasia, Webcasts, and Powerpoint Presentations that focus on the details behind a broad range of school finance topics -- WUFAR Coding, Membership, Revenue Limits, Equalization Aid, Transfer of Service, OPEB, Special Education Reporting, SFS Spring Finance Workshops, etc.
  • The "SFS Field Presentations" link contains the materials developed and used for presentations "in the field" (i.e. WASBO conferences, etc.) by the SFS team.

The "Quick Links" section is geared toward the practitioner, gathering the many SFS links related to a specific school finance topic into a central location.

Please contact a School Finance Consultant if you need further information or have a comment or suggestion, as your feedback will help us to continually improve the usefulness of this site.


SFS Presentations

Quick Links

Accounting Budget Development Counting Children Revenue Limits
Aids Register SFS Calendar of Important Dates Membership Info & Reporting Revenue Limit Explanation
Audit Manual Fiscal Year-at-a-Glance Tasks District FTE Membership Revenue Limit Worksheets for Budgeting
Benefit Trust (Fund 73) "65.90" Budget Publication Format Amending the Membership Report  
COOP Agreement 66.0301 Rev Lim Worksheets for Budgeting Membership Audits Transfer of Service
Community Service (Fund 80) Estimated Aid Prorations Foster Group Home Referenda Information
Debt Reporting State Aid Payment Schedule Youth Challenge Energy Exemption
Fund Balance Practices Short-Term Borrowing Summer School Membership Prior-Year Final Revenue Limit Worksheets
Grant Coding (Project Codes) Fees Document    
Indirect Cost Estimating Equalization Aid    
Transaction Coding      
Equalization Aid State General Aid Special Education Aid SFS Statistical Data
Equalization Aid Explanation School Finance System Overview Coding Resources School Finance Data Warehouse
Conceptual Grid of Formula October 15 Certification Fiscal Report (1505-SE) Basic Facts
District FTE Membership Aid Run Data Files (factors, etc.) Categorical Aid Worksheets School Finance Maps
Membership Info & Reporting Aid Payment Information Spec Ed Prior-Year Exp Data SFS Longitudinal Data
October 15 Certification Inter-/Intra-District Aid High-Cost Spec Ed Aid Comp Cost vs Shared Cost Differences
Estimating Equalization Aid Special Adjustment Aid Supplemental Spec Ed Aid  
Property Valuation School Finance Terminology State Tuition  
Consolidation Aid   Federal IDEA Programs  
History of Guarantee Amounts      
Prior-Year Equalization Aid Worksheets      
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