Fiscal Year-At-A-Glance

The Wisconsin school district fiscal year spans from July 1 to June 30. Most school district budgeting and accounting activites are cyclical nature - that is, they occur each year in the same order and within the same general time frame. However, because pre-fiscal year and post-fiscal year activities will require your attention for more than 12 months, you could feasibly be working on 3 fiscal years at once! For instance, in December, you might be answering DPI-follow-up questions on the previous-year's Annual Report, submitting the new year's Budget Report, and possibly gathering enrollment projections for a "first look" at next year's Revenue Limit.

Keeping track of what needs to be done when can be daunting! The "Multi-Tasker" was developed to provide general guidance regarding the types of activities occurring across the year. The following document is a 12-month, bird's eye view of what happens when. Districts can use this Excel document as a starting point, adding district-specific information as necessary. Be sure to look ahead at future activity so you and your staff can prepare for what’s coming!

2013-14 Fiscal Year Calendar

When you are new to a finance job, it seems like every activity requires LOTS of background research to even start to get an idea of what you need to be doing.....let alone, actually doing it! Below, we have expanded on the 12-month multi-tasker format from above, dividing the activities into monthly segments containing resource information we expect you'd need during that month. Each month retains the 3-column format from the 12-month multi-tasker above: a column dedicated to the prior fiscal year activities, a column for the current fiscal year activities, and a column for the coming year activities. In addition to displaying the columns of activities, we have provided general, overall descriptions and resource links to explain what needs to be accomplished with a certain activity. We realize that each district has its own way of doing business, and fitting activities into such a contrived structure may not be totally ideal for your district's specific needs, but this will give you an idea of what generally happens when.





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