Tutorials Overview

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Written and produced by the Finance Team, the following tutorials provide basic information and instruction about various topics. Each tutorial is less than six minutes in length, and special software should not be needed to play them.

Contact a School Finance Services Consultant at (608) 267-9114 with questions or comments.

Pupil Count Tutorials

The Pupil Count tutorials provide instructions on how to access and complete the PI-1563 Pupil Count online Report using the PI-1563 Pupil Count Workbook. These tutorials are found on the SFS Membership Information and Reporting page.

SAFR Tutorials

The SAFR tutorials provide instruction on how to access, navigate, and complete the online PI 1504 Budget and PI 1505 Annual reports. Additional tutorials that identify and correct the most common errors in the reports as well as explain the SAFR preparation workbook are also provided.

Group and Foster Home Tutorial

The Group and Foster Home tutorial provides instructions on how to access and complete the PI-1589 Group and Foster Home FTE Log.

For questions about this information, contact dpifin@dpi.wi.gov (608) 267-9114