State Tuition

State Tuition

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State tuition is a categorical aid to pay for the costs of educating pupils living in certain kinds of institutions or homes (such as juvenile detention facilities, county jails, or foster/group homes) within a school district.

121.79 Tuition payments by state.


State Statute Highlights

(1) The state shall pay tuition from the appropriation under s. 20.255 (2) (cg) for pupils attending public schools in the following cases:

(a) For pupils in children's homes.

(b) For pupils whose parents or guardians are employed at and reside on the grounds of a state or federal military camp, federal veteran hospital or state charitable or penal institution.

(d) For pupils in foster homes or group homes, if the foster home or group home is located outside the school district in which the pupil's parent or guardian resides and either of the following applies:

2. The foster or group home is exempted under s. 70.11.

3. The pupil is a child with a disability, as defined in s. 115.76 (5), and at least 4% of the pupils enrolled in the school district reside in foster homes or group homes that are not exempt under s. 70.11. Notwithstanding s. 121.83 (1) (d), the annual tuition rate for pupils under this subdivision is the special annual tuition rate only, as described in s. 121.83 (1) (c).

(2) When transportation is provided for pupils under this section, state aid shall be paid in accordance with subch. IV.


School districts and CCDEBs can receive this aid. The amount is based on prior year expenditures incurred for educational services provided to children residing in eligible facilities. These expenditures are included with all other Funds 10 (general fund) and/or 27 (special education) expenditures on their Full (PI-1505) and/or Special Education (PI-1505-SE) annual reports.


State tuition aid is a sum-certain statewide appropriation in the biennial budget. In 2014-15 the total appropriation was $8,242,900, but under 118.51(16)(b)(2) there is a "first draw" against this amount for year-end open enrollment reductions that cannot be covered by other aid programs, so the final amount may be lower. Revenue is coded to Fund 10, Source 641 and/or Fund 27, Source 642, depending on the expenditures for which state tuition aid is paid.

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