Transfer of Service

Access the PI-5000 Online Application for the Transfer of Service Revenue Limit Exemption Request.

What is Transfer of Service?

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The Transfer of Service Exemption (Wis. Stat. 121.91(4)(a)) provides that a school district which assumes responsibility for a program or service from another governmental unit may request and be granted an exemption to the district revenue limit equal to the increased cost due to that program or service. If the service transferred is a student that requires Special Education or ESL services, the exemption will be reduced by the amount of categorical aid the district will receive the following year, as determined by DPI. If the previous governmental unit was another Wisconsin school district, that district will need to report the amount equal to their reduction in costs. This reduction in costs will have no impact on the district's revenue limit calculations.

Decision Tree for 2015-2016 Revenue Limit Exemption (April 2015)

The Transfer of Service (TOS) Decision Tree for a 2015-2016 Revenue Limit Exemption guides the districts in student based requests. See Transfer of Service General Information - Basic Guidelines for a verbal explanation of the six steps in the TOS Decision Tree.

Important Due Dates for Transfer of Service

As of Bulletin #608 dated August 27, 2015.

  • August 31 - Part A Documentation
  • September 11 - Part B Verification
  • September 25 - Part C TOS Revenue Limit Request (Summary)

In-state, out-of-state, and other government requests will need to be submitted online by the due date. Forms must be completed on-line with all appropriate verifications where required. The application is considered complete when Part C (Summary) is submitted. Amendments can be made at any time up to the due date.

Separate TOS Form

There is a separate TOS form available for special education students and for limited English proficient students. Basic guidelines and an online tutorial are available below.

District TOS Contact Information

Districts can view any district's Transfer of Service contact information from the Transfer of Service Portal by clicking on the green "Contacts" tab in the row of six tabs, located below the bar on the screen. Contact Bruce Anderson at (608) 267-9707 or Karen Kucharz at (608) 266-3464 should you have questions.

Transfers Resulting from the Dissolution of a CCDEB

For questions about this information, contact Bruce Anderson (608) 267-9707, Karen Kucharz (608) 266-3464